Let's Talk Cash Market Minimums

There has been a lot of discussion across the industry lately about establishing a mandate for a minimum level of cash trade in the fed cattle market. A state cattlemen’s association recently adopted policy supporting 50% minimum cash trade. Other state associations have policy opposing any mandated level of cash trade. Another idea is called 30/14 – each packing facility must secure 30% of their kill in the cash market with a 14 day or less ownership of those cattle. While OCA policy has generally opposed any government law or rule mandating how cattle men and women market their cattle, OCA does not have specific policy on this issue and would like to have information available for OCA members as we approach our Summer Convention where OCA policy can be developed by membership. This seminar features the latest research on this topic and will give OCA members opportunity to learn of the research and ask questions. Whether you support, oppose or are uncertain about the idea of mandates for cash trade, this will be an excellent seminar to participate in and hear from these outstanding Economists.

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